And please forgive my ignorance if this has been answered ad nauseum already.

But - Correspondence with the CoS (namely my initial membership and possibly subsequent application(s))

I understand that all details are held in strict confidence, but what about the correspondence itself (i.e. the packaging)

Is there anything on the outside of the correspondence that would indicate WHO (i.e. CoS) its from? I know that this may be a silly question (and frankly) I feel kind of silly for asking it, but can someone please confim/deny this for me pls?

Thank you

*EDIT* I am adding this other afterthought here as opposed to starting a new thread about this as well - An answer to one or both questions here will work. *EDIT*

And along the lines of confidentiality, what are the guidelines when it comes to my other personal information (namely Active membership application)

Yes, I am married. Yes, I have children.
No, she would not 'understand' nor have the desire to and well, this is one of those hills I dont want to have to choose whether I am going to die on or not.

Im 99% sure that the CoS understands this, and chances are Im not the only one with these concerns (and Im 99% sure that this information will be held in the strictest confidence as well) But reassurance makes me smile.
Besides, this philosophy is for me and me only right now. Its not the first time I have had to keep people in the dark for their own good. smile
Thanks (Again)

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