Excuse me, my dear Magister, but it seems that it is you, who don't understand. If I want to have lots and lots of sex as member of the Church of Satan (with other members), it is not only what I want that matters, but the others have to want it too, or at least not have anything against it.But it seems that this is not the case with the Church of Satan, there is not so much sexual freedom in it as I hoped, judging from the answer I received from the other fellow. And I don't want to be a pest, as he said.

I hoped that inside the Church of Satan I would find situationssuch as the Sexual Freedom League, that existed in California in the 70s, and Dr La Vey was a member of it. According to Wikipedia, they were having sexual Orgies. Too bad for me that the Church of Satan is nothing like it, as it seems from your answers.

I have nothing against rituals and ceremonies, but I would prefer some action. Wouldn't you?