I just wrote something on this topic at one of my social media accounts, so I'm just gonna quote... myself:

"I can't understand why most people are so terrified by the idea of prolonguing human life via scientifical advantages. Yes, the idea of having micronic cables, implants and machines inside of me, or having certain body parts replaced by their mechanical equivalents also seems odd to me now and it might even feel rather unpleasant to imagine that one would voluntarily subject themselves to such interventions...

But when Death comes close (if it doesn't come all of a sudden, of course), I think I would not want to miss the chance to see what it is like - compared to the alternative of "No more Me", this sounds like a better option.

People tend to forget quickly. Remember authors such as Ray Bradbury? They wrote about rockets and travelling through space. A young boy that once read those novels with fascination would later become a scientist. The scientists developed the rockets and space exploration devices that brought humans outside the Earth. It is not rare that science fiction sets the course of future scientific developments.

And now we have lots of bio-mechanics in graphic arts and movies. Not all the boys and girls who admire those will necessarily also become painters, script writers or directors. Some of them will become scientists as well. Some of them would get a regular job as a teacher or a regular employee but others will have the chance to experiment and discover new fields. Their ideas can't much deviate from what inspired them....

Long story short - Once, Darth Vader used to be simply science-fiction. It won't be long until he'll be just reduced to science wink
Man, I can look at photos of Me for hours! Honestly, I love it!

"'cause down here in Hell everybody loves Me!"
("Hell Is Home", Judas Priest)