Care to share an example of you taking a third-side perspective on an issue? (Meaning "issue" very broadly; the principle of the Satanic third-side has broad applicability.)

I just want to share an example of how I constantly apply this particular Satanic principle in my life.

Because as some of you already know, I live in a very aggressive culture towards Satanism and everything different, there are no compromises about it.

By avoiding the Fifth Satanic Sin. I managed to blend in and practice the religion of the majority, and play their game and also beating them at it. I think this have been really useful to me.

I don't have to fight a losing cause, I don't have to stand by the side and watch. I'm actually involved in changing my own world to the better.

Now, I'm happier because each and every day passes, my vision becomes clearer.

By the way, drug addicts should be allowed to face the consequences of their own stupidity, and of course they shouldn't be allowed to produce any offspring.