Well, my thesis isn't available in english. The work was written in italian, as required by university.
I still haven't thought about an english translation, as it would take some time to work on it and I'm quite busy with my job. Hopefully someday I'm gonna do it, so I'll let you know.
The teachers with whom I discussed the work were not really informed on the topic, but quite open minded: they sadly were more intersted in what I knew about Satanism (this kind of weird thing) than in what I found out about our national public debate.
The funny part of my experience was the ceremony moment.
Some old teachers were reading the titles of the thesis written by the other students graduating: about an hour of titles about child care and chromotherapy and stuff like that, tears of joy, parents clapping their hands and so on.
Then comes my turn: I stand there smiling wearing a shirt of a local satanic group that survived a nation wide media attack in the late '90s. As they spelled the word "Satanism" reading the title, I could feel the disappointed crowd murmuring behind my back.
Once again.

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