Paying addicts to get sterilized sounds like something I would have suggested with a grin knowing they were just going to jack that $300 right back into their bodies as fast as possible, but not anymore.

I have noticed a large amount of people who do not use drugs but intentionally have a child every year or so to stay on state aid and receive free food and housing. I have even seen people quit jobs because they were making $50.00 too much per check to collect food stamps and free rent.

Sterilizing drug addicts for the sake of slowing their procreation (or whatever reason)initially sounds good but if you would like to take a third side view on that subject, how are they addicted to drugs? Have they found themselves injured in a accident and put on a pain medication regimine for a couple years that has developed into physical addiction where they (with a little bit of help) could be perfectly productive, drug free and have healthy kids? Or did they become addicted to drugs because they came from a broken home and it started as a source of income before it consumed them until they would steal their own grandparents gold teeth just for a fix and they blindly pop out kids with miscellaneous women whom they refer to as bitches and ho's because they do not know any other way of life?

My third side viewpoint is that this suggestion does not fix a problem, it treats a symptom. Totally legalizing narcotics would kill some junkies but it would also create a rise in new ones.

I am not arguing with your suggestion at all. I think people should have to earn the right to reproduce, but I also think most suggestions to "fix" things generally result in treating symptoms when we should be cutting out cancers.
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