Hello everyone,
My education is simple enough- I have a high school diploma and certain events in my life required me to focus on others things to consider college. I would be happy to go into details but first I have to determine if my modest skills are seen as worthy of following the path of Satanism by the officials. I have read your criteria in considerable depth and it looks like you run a pretty tight ship with an absolutely no B.S. policy. I agree and I only hope I can bring something to the table. I have a pretty good vocabulary, my grammar is good when I take the time to go over it, I do have a noteworthy skill in drawing, I like to read, I know how to read and write in English(both printing and cursive), and I have a good memory.
As I said, my skills are modest compared to the more intellectual folks on here. I am curious to see if Satanism can transform a layman into a respectable individual or if its only for advancing the elite. If its only for the big dogs then I am sorry for wasting your time and I wish all of you good fortune.
Thank you