Well, you say that you can read and write English, so you have all the basic tools smile So, you can take a hammer to a nail and put it into a wall, but perhaps you can't build your own castle ... yet.

Knowing yourself and knowing your current limits is the way to start out in improving. The rest is just hard work, the difficult thing is finding out where you want to improve. Just because somebody in here is good at say mathematics doesn't mean you have to be, you have to find the field where you want to excel and then do it.

If you don't know what that is, just go out there and sample things. Personally I've studied both humanities, science and business along the way, an things end up being useful in the strangest places later on in life even though it seems useless at the time.

As they say, Satanism requires study, but apart from it being a good idea to study the basic texts, it doesn't say what you should study smile
While having never invented a sin, I'm trying to perfect several.