My will is to live forever, and will drives me through life situations. This is the pratical part: I do love Unknown's medical team, as long as they can make me live longer.
Then comes a sort of theoretical part: all men must die. This is theoretical being a knowledge men can use to have a realistic sense of perspective on things.
Sure, I feel death has a role in having the right attitude towards life: it's what makes the game both exciting and easy.
That being said, I think of a biological immortality in the same way probably many people think about the spiritual one: with eternity to be lived, in the long run it would be natural to "cut off" the sensual process and work directly on mental stimulation.
So, while many would think of having sex with god, I would be visiting Yuggoth, but it would be the same kind of experience by nature.
All future bioethical matters could then become aesthetical matters. The choiche is up to you.