Mine would be the second part of Stephen King's "Under The Dome" (at least in my country it was released as a two-tome set), an electronic eGo cig (a tad healthier than regular cigarettes, much cheaper to smoke regularly, no bad smell on your clothes and in the room, no ash, you can smoke it in bars, transportation vehicles and restaurants) and a hand-made clay pot for my oven, in which food cooks itself, becomes tastier and offers a chance for experimenting with a wide range of meals. A crystal (plastic actually) backlit pyramid with a sphinx and some liquid inside, an upside-down huge crucifix and a fire-breathing dragon figure - all these for my decompression chamber.
Man, I can look at photos of Me for hours! Honestly, I love it!

"'cause down here in Hell everybody loves Me!"
("Hell Is Home", Judas Priest)