First, I'd like to make a note that I don't know if I used the word 'pot' in a propper manner - in Bulgarian it's called a clay pot. This is what I mean:

Food turns out fantastic, in this kinda pot (because you put it in the oven - not on the stove's hot plate - and originally when there was yet no electricity it was invented to be put in/above the fire of a furnace/firebox). Cooking in it is meant to last at least 2-3 hours (up to a day for beans or those types of meat that would usually take forever to get cooked) on a low temperature - the products get processed very well and the ingredients and spices that you put there absorb each other's flavor perfectly. Also, you don't have to use that much sunflower, olive oil or other fats (I use butter though mainly because of the flavor), it can't get overburned, it's like a natural steam capsule. Definitely my favourite way to prepare meals. I had an old one but my dad damaged it because (due to my numerous warnings) he decided to put it on the hot plate... it cracked. Now, since I live alone, I decided it's time to buy myself a new one smile
Man, I can look at photos of Me for hours! Honestly, I love it!

"'cause down here in Hell everybody loves Me!"
("Hell Is Home", Judas Priest)