I respect your preference for seeking out the cause rather than the symptom.

But what can anyone, other than the addicts themselves, practically do here?

That is to say, I recognize that not everyone who is a drug addict fits the description of a deranged and murderous crackhead, but I don't see much option for outside forces to break these people's addictions, and then for those same people to not relapse.

Sure you could lock an addict up and wean them off the drug, but unless they themselves want to change, they are going to fall back on that drug.

Treating symptoms of drug addicts' behavior seems most practical to me, especially if it's done by private charities rather than the state.

Unfortunately I feel it is becoming unavoidable for me to start bringing in politics, so I'm going to stop, though I'd enjoy continuing this conversation downstairs or in private messages.

But to sum up: symptoms are the only things outside forces can fix. The causes can only be permanently overcome by the addicts themselves. And it is prudent to solve the symptoms in a way that gets the job done without arousing public backlash.