Labryrinthine, I wouldn't only sign-up, but I would try and publicly fund such a project!! It's not really even the potential for genetic defects and the potential for lazy ass waste genetic mentalities that should probably not get passed on be passed on. but it is the fact that so much sludge is handed off on "general pricnipal" alone...... I've actually had to modify my ha ha look at the idiots dance while drinking 5 dollar coffee each year because of all the fucking fleas making it hard to "enjoy the masses " a s opposed to having to endure the masses".

People have become so much of a shuffle that I have no time for them unless with like mindedness to share the sheer idiocy of the event.
I think next year we prep and hand out freezing coffee to the black Friday crowed and then we sit in heated tents with a waterballoon slingshot and throw pork snow balls at the people coming out.
and coming soon... The Devil's Lab