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... Better Than Most Nature Shows

Black Friday is what it is because people choose to buy into the hype. Thatís fine because itís their own choice to do so. But itís interesting to note that the frenzy itself is influenced by a whole host of our own internal triggers that push us to gather what we perceive to be the most valuable resources. That desire for resource acquisition gets even more bloodthirsty when its our kids involved, whether or not the darn kid actually wants the last Dora the Explorer video game on the shelf.

And, apparently, it's an insult to lemmings to be compared to Black Friday shoppers... They're certainly cuter, little freakin' tribbles. grin

"What happens in the shadow, in the grey regions, also interests us Ė all that is elusive and fugitive, all that can be said in those beautiful half tones, or in whispers, in deep shade." ~ The Brothers Quay

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