I tried but could not read through your post.

You might want to format the presentation, inserting relevant paragraphs and text breaks. Such a wall of text is somewhat laborious to read through.

However, I skipped right to the end and found this question:

>> Is this possible within the CoS? Or are my forms of public research in the areas of neurosciences and psychology not something the CoS would wish to associate themselves with on such a public level? Will I have to remain anonymous if I choose to do such public and professional research? How can I best assure that I am doing right by myself and by the CoS? <<

Only those officially appointed as spokespersons (such as myself) are positioned to speak on behalf of The Church of Satan.

Otherwise, we do not dictate to anyone what field of endeavour they should explore. And whether you reveal your affiliations publicly is up to you - but based on the experience of many members over the years I would say it is usually more beneficial to keep one's membership private in most professional environments.
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