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Can a person with a serious mental/learning disability (be it genetic or due to external circumstances) be accepted as part of the Satanic elite by the CoS (for example, people with severe ADHD, autism, down syndrome, poor focus due to PTSD, etc.), or would their impairments have them be considered as liabilities rather than useful members,

Are you asking whether such diagnoses would disqualify somebody from having a membership in the Church of Satan? Since you listed such a wide range of mental illnesses, I'd say it depends. For example, given the ever broadening range of what constitutes "ADHD" or "autism" these days, it's possible to be diagnosed with one of these while be far from, say, Rain Man. But if it's really that severe, then I'd suspect the person wouldn't be able to comprehend and adhere to the cohesive concepts of Satanism (or any other religion) in the first place and wouldn't be seeking it out.

But, if such a person with that kind of impediment has trouble following simple instructions,

If that was the case, then they'd probably not be able to properly submit the letter in the first place. smile
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