Just curious to how many philosphical standpoints can you break Laveyan Satanism down into like for example I think that Hedonism and Individualism can definitly be seen in Laveyan Satanism because Hedonism in short is the belief that the only real "good" is any kind of pleasure (emotional,physical etc) and Individualism because laveyanism has MAJOR emphasis on being your own person or aka "your own god".

Also I find it odd that many people go crazy when I bring up the topic of putting labels on this philpsohy when labeling is the backbone of any language. Do you personally find it troubling to add any labels or to say laveyanism is "blah blah" and why do you think it is troubling? Oh and yes I love reading other's opinions, besides for arguing and research this is for me a really good way of learning about other people on a mental level.
"let your emotions govern your intentions, your cognitive thought decide your actions, and your body be the vessel of your existence" - Ryan Leman