Hello, I'm Clara from Hungary. After registration, I was offline for a very long time but I solved my problems and I am here again. I'm a painter and costume designer, you can find my website on my profile. I have tried to apply for many jobs but my Art teacher degree seems to be useless. After some bad experimences at companies and a long time unemployment, I was lucky to get a last chance to study a new profession. I hope I can find a normal job and can put bread on the table. I still want to build my art business, or at least leave something about my real world for those who would appreciate and understand it - as long as I have enough power to work on my art projects. I hope you find my works inspiring and my site gives you lots of joy and perhaps a few good ideas.

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"Für jedes Mädchen kommt die Gelegenheit"

(Slow Fox from the movie "Kopfüber ins Glück")