Doing unto others as they have done unto you is not a bad philosophy. I personally enjoy treating others they like to be treated and if the person remains a jerk to me, it only makes them the bad person and not me. Especially, on the job I'd like to have that sense of respect and appreciation that I am out there to make everyone succeed and help them in as many ways possible.
I keep a very polite attitude at all times and expect the same of everyone else to do so to me. If not, then we will not be working with each other for long. When an employee gets upset at me, I simply don't retaliate back at this employee and escalate a situation in the work environment. I also feel much better about myself being the stronger person and resisting anger by not letting something get to me.
It is an empowering feeling to me to leave that negative energy with the person and make them dumb and weak by getting so upset easily and me ultimately basking in kindness.

I'm curious about others here (not only COS members) on their views about turning the other cheek and it benefiting them.

PS - I respect the COS views on life and am NOT challenging them at all. In fact, I agree with a decent amount of Lavey's teachings. I am just simply curious about certain topics and how people deal with them.