I'm curious about others here (not only COS members) on their views about turning the other cheek and it benefiting them.

Well, since you're polling opinions, I suppose I'll share mine.

I sometimes turn the other cheek, depending on the severity of what someone else has done to me. For me, it comes down to "What do I really want here?" I try to be smart about it, not to invest my time and energy in a full scale war or overkill retaliation for a simple slight.

Sometimes, a simple slight against me is just a signal to me to figure out where the other person is. Maybe that rude remark is just the other person acting out because he or she is having a bad day. I can let it slide, or I can make his or her day even worse, and possibly my own.

Hit me hard enough, however, and turning the other cheek may very well prove an excellent strategy. He or she gets overconfident, lets down his or her guard...

Then, sometimes still, immediate retaliation in kind is just what the doctor ordered.

Some people sow self-destruction so thoroughly into their lives that retaliation need be nothing more than grabbing some fresh popcorn to enjoy the show. smile