Personally, if I am wronged by a stranger in some minor way like being cut off in traffic, I do my best to calm myself down and realize that merely my pride is hurt and I'm letting myself get rattled by some random asshole I'll never see again.

There's no point in staying angry, I'm not going to take the effort/risk to get even over really small stuff.

With co-workers I see once or more a week it gets more difficult, but generally: I treat them initially with benefit-of-the-doubt respect and manners, but if they don't return the favor, and instead take inconsiderate, rude, assholy actions towards me, my behavior towards them will change in kind.

BUT, I only will "Do unto others as they do unto me" to the extent that it is practical without totally blowing up work-place cooperation or getting unwanted attention from higher-ups: so usually, not very much, it is best to be more subtle.

Generally, it is more practical to do any sort of getting even behind the scenes, while remaining a smiling and polite face on the surface.

That is my take on the subject.