It's rightly said, for example, that success is the best revenge, and there are many potential ways to attain success and self-satisfaction in one's life.

Very much agreed.

And AdamBomb,

I think you are right in maintaining a professional attitude in the work place; it will always make you look superior to all your antagonists. Just don't assume that your bothersome coworkers will always improve their behavior toward you.

Remember the third Satanic sin: Solipsism.
"The difference between the man or woman who's a practicing Satanist, from an identity Satanist is that the practicing Satanist looks at the picture, while the identity Satanist studies the frame."
-- Anton Szandor LaVey

"Anyone without a sense of humor is too pretentious to be a good magician."
-- Anton Szandor LaVey

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