Greetings all!
What an amazing journey life is if you are awake enough to notice. I realised from an early age that I was somehow 'different' from others. My world view was different, my sexual attraction was different (and therefore wrong, apparently) and the way I felt about our place in the universe was different.
As my name suggests, I am an ex-Buddhist monk (I lasted 9 months), but studied for the best part of 15 years to get there. It was an ok fit in some areas,I love ritual and the concept of a god-less universe however I was still at odds with some pretty basic tenets.
Recently, I discovered Anton LaVey and The Satanic Bible. Simply put, I feel that I have found the very thing, the very essence of what and who I am in print.
I am grateful to this site for its existence and hope to learn and exchange much!
Hail Satan!, Hail ME!