Interesting. None of it particularly shocks me.

Intriguing (though unsurprising) to think about that a society with a less-forgiving God would have less crime, and one with an all-forgiving God would have more.

Utah and Nevada are not exactly surprising to me, but I just hadn't thought of the connection that one is very religious with very little violent crime and one is very unreligious with a lot of violent crime. (That being an anomaly in the US.)

Always thought the Mormons, for all I can obviously criticize about them, had a well-functioning society: stable, law-abiding, productive.

I'd love to see this compared with Buddhist and Hindu regions, and with ancient societies such as the Aztecs or Ancient Romans.

But of course there are so many factors going on with crime rates that it's very hard to control just for religion.

There's police presence, functionality of courts, poverty, family stability, gun laws, and of course yes religion and overall culture.

Would love to hear others' thoughts.