Thank you for the clarification Witch Zaftig.

I understand now.

Hm I've heard of violent Buddhists before, holy warriors even, but have not read of how the religion itself can be used to justify violence.

I definitely get a very "filtered" and misconstrued image of it here in a Western country where Eastern philosophy and religion has been so romanticized since the 1960's.

I'll read on that.

EDIT: I just remembered samurai! And South East Asian states that had Buddhism as the state religion! Wow, duh. Yeah, Samurai were Zen Buddhists and they were warriors obviously, and then Siam was a Buddhist monarchy. Ok, right, it is not "above" use as state power, same as any other religion. Makes sense.

That's interesting, your perspective brought about by your study in religion. I get angry about things in the wide world too often, when I can't do anything about the most of it. Pointless and wasteful of energy. But I'm working on it.

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