This is called the lesser and greater magic of the Satanic Witch. As expressed by Anton Szandor LaVey, "It is a sin to aproach a female, unless the mating signal is given!" This is where magic takes its shape. The beauty of the Satanic Witch is much deeper, Aesthetics plays a large role behind the Satanic Witch, where it is a sin not to utilize this creation for sexual healing and pleasure for her satisfaction and her ritual for penis possession using
Demons assisted with Satanic practitioner by using energy generated during rituals to cause changes in perception and reality; thus causing the desires of the practitioner to become reality Demons often manifest in physical form during ritual workings. The intensity and flow of powerful sexual energy allows the being to slip into the confines of the other dimensional side and actually enter our earthly flesh. (Penis) Just as the air, these beings cannot be seen until they encroach our reality; leaving a distinct tangible body-print such as a possession (example) in your penis. These beings (including Satan Himself) look, speak and appear as we do and just as a cool breeze in summer is refreshing, so too can their manifestation be a pleasure and breath of fresh air for your penis possession and pure lustful pleasure to enjoy with your goddess.
Here witches take pleasure in sexual expression of there freedom by utilizing their powers for the seduction of men, is quite a powerful gift ! But non the less, some do use spells to make their possession attractive, and sweet smelling for demonic possession of the penis for their worship and sexual pleasures of pure lust of passion and freedom !

I have researched and found the possibility of demonic possession by witches and came accross this on the net and wondering if you may know any witches who can perform such an act or ritual.....please let me know if you do....possession of the penis is a real subject performed by witches at rituals witches please contact me if you know how....

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