Plz forgive me for sounding like a newb. My life is slipping deeper in the hole financialy, couldnt turn to other religions because it just didnt seem legit, I want to join a group im very serious so far my research brought me this far. I wanted to know about blood sacrifices and such to gain richs and fam ill do anything id even change my life style for this iv already renounced my allegiances with heaven, god and Christianity all that it intells.
I want to keep going and to dedicate my life for what I want. Life issues are getting to tough and I really need this. I have no where else to turn. How do I. Find some one that will give me a chance of trust and to show im ready. Iv been carfully thinking about this for 2 years now. What now? Plz help
Iv been seeing alot of poeple get scared and second guess there choices as far as staying in a group there mistake and there loss of in rewarding opportunity, where they fail I want to prove how weak they are. This is all I have ill give everything to father my time, my life, and even my soul

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