Apocalypse of Muhammed

I was surfing the interwebs, when suddenly I found this. grin

Now, I don't know how would this serve the secular cause but give more ammo to the Islamic zealots, especially with the referendum going on these days.

Still part of me supports secularism, I also believe Sharia is not that bad. Unfortunately, I don't trust the current Islamic movement to apply the Sharia in a modern, sensible way. They're looking for their own interest, and using Islam to control the people.

Back to Miss Alia, I just wish to understand the whys and hows. Still I think she have 'balls' more than many, and I hope she stays safe, because what she is doing is dangerous.

However, I admire her courage. She is beautiful, strong and have a good ability to shock and raise controversy. I'm confused, becuase I like to think she resembles a Satnaic Witch, is she?

I had to ask though: Is this the kind of 'freedom' I want. I'm all for it. Deep down I'd love to live in a secularist country, where I've complete freedom, but I'm afraid I'm far from this point. All I can do is ritualize and wait, I trust in Satanic Magic. Satanic Magic happens.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've some research to do! crossbones
"The finest trick of the devil is to persuade you that he does not exist" ~Charles Baudelaire