However, I admire her courage. She is beautiful, strong and have a good ability to shock and raise controversy.

Courage? It does not cost much to be controversial in the democratic country, like Sweden, at least not that much as in Egypt. If she did that in Egypt, she might be in serious troubles, but in Stockholm it is like throwing a party.

Now, I don't know how would this serve the secular cause

Neither do I. Certainly, it looks nice but this is probably all.

It reminds me a bit about Pussy Riot and their performance in the Russian cathedral. They sang a religious song, at the same time protesting against Putin. They got prison sentence for blasphemy, though it was not religion that they opposed, rather the alliance between the Russian Church and the state. Perhaps, you remember how the Patriarch kissed Putin's hand. I saw it in the news.

And yes, you could call that courage, because the women risked their own well-being for their country. They fought for freedom with their songs, though they knew there would be consequences. Not everybody would be willing to do what they did.

Deep down I'd love to live in a secularist country, where I've complete freedom, but I'm afraid I'm far from this point. All I can do is ritualize and wait, I trust in Satanic Magic.

Waiting will not help. Only action can cause some change. And it does not have to be brutal force. You can also fight by creating art or educating others. But mind, this is only my opinion. I live in Poland, where democracy is very young. I remember the times where we had a multitude of political parties quarrelling with each other and government changing every month. It was short after the communist system fell apart. People lived under this regime for fifty years. But they were not simply waiting. There were strikes, demonstrations, underground newspapers, literature and art.
Just gonna stand there and watch me burn. Well that's alright because I like the way it hurts.