I am Cash, a returning member of LttD. Being that I am permanently unable to access my old account from 2005-2006, I have created this one. My attempts to resolve the issue prior to the creation of this account have gone unanswered, and that is more than fine. I recognize that the administrators have more important responsibilities to which they must attend.

Since I haven’t interacted with anyone on this forum in a number of years, I will provide this re-introduction:

I first encountered Anton Lavey’s The Satanic Bible early in my teen years and immediately identified with the Satanic philosophy that was codified therein. It is highly likely that I have always been a Satanist, even as a child. The sentiment that Satanists are born and not made could easily apply.

The focus of my life over the last few years has been to obtain an appropriate measure of personal freedom from the ingrained wage slave mentality that we see all around us. As a result, I am self-employed and have established a growing stream of passive income. My every effort has been and will continue to be the nurturing of that stream until it eclipses my main income.

The importance of liberating oneself from the all-pervasive cultural effects of the herd mentality cannot be overstated. Being indoctrinated to passively accept a life of financial servitude is a terrible fate. Freedom is the worthiest goal, freedom through creativity and perseverance. Others are welcome to do as they wish, yet I maintain that to call yourself a Satanist and fail to live life to your fullest capability should be a capital crime.

I wasn’t terribly active with my previous account; however, I recognize several names of individuals whose posts I thoroughly enjoyed reading. It is good to see that they are still here.


Clarification: My intention here is not to violate the One Account Rule. I have no means of recovering the previous one, and my attempts to make contact have gone unanswered. If this action of mine results in the banning of both, that would be perfectly understandable. Your house, your rules.