Personally I think the commandments represent a goal in order for harmony to eventually exist in the world, and to me it is more of a checklist of perfection. When we accomplish these not merely by suffering by abstaining, but to live it and LOVE our lives in accordance to these commands. Not to abstain, but to find a way to a condition of man in harmony which we do not even want, or need to break the rules. For a man to love his life so much that he doesn't ABSTAIN from stealing another man's wife (Helen of Troy good example) but loves and lusts after his own companion/lover/wife/etc. The thought doesn't even cross his mind, for his life is beyond any consideration of destroying his neighbor's life, or his own (or countless others) just to fulfill some silly 2 second fantasy. His life is so completely satisfying he would not even find himself looking for greener pastures. For he is consistantly amazed by his own pastures (theoretically satisfied in every way forever), that he does not need to gratify any such need, it wouldn't exist.

Same as lying, to me the real meaning is greater in not lying to yourself and instead being brutally, and ABSOLUTELY honest with yourself. I don't look at it as the belief that you (no matter what the consequence) put yourself in a position where you needlessly endanger yourself or others by telling a truth just to obey the command (in vain), but to put yourself in a position where lying isn't necessary in ANY regard (obviously this is hard for anyone to really conceive of if you were to express the idea to any random Joe on the street...the world is not even close to perfect yet lol) I find the commandments very interesting.

Taken completely literally as a daily set of absolute laws it would seem to resemble an impossible equation for almost all mankind. To me, it kind of suggests what would be required to ensure safety and happiness in heaven if you will. For good, evil, everything we know from the beginning of time up until this very second to be addressed and assessed by admitting all the ugly and beautiful things (so many subjective opinions as to what these are when described as such, diversity and that) to finally resolve any conflicts we all have with each other, to finally confront these ignorant damn prejudices, hatea, axioms, presumptions, stereotypes, and downright complete pessimistic views of just about 99% of everything WE (people in general)as individuals lack our "personal" taste that results (little do many realize) all the bloodshed, and time behind prison walls these days. All simply because man doesn't want these seemingly horrible things in his or her life so screw it this other guy who got unlucky should now die or go to jail and deny he exists (The Beech the movie rings a bell when referring to the guy that got bit by the shark and was exiled out of camp as they managed to carry on in their paradise) Then they wonder why they have people cold as ice that come back out of prison who themselves weren't shown mercy so it's easy as pie for them to now rob, rape, and kill other law obiding citizens (technically speaking of course) Thall shall not lie, well if people were completely honest with themselves I think the world would be a hell of a lot better off than it is. Denial is not only a sign of substance abuse it's a common symptom of man's lack of health these days IMO. Truth is all about understanding.

9 satanic statements to me is a set of damn rules some of us need to exist in such a world with our understanding until such a time we've finally found a way to gratify all our wants and needs as a world, and finally remain (to the fullest extent of meaning of the word which is a more powerful word than gratify IMO) "satisfied" in every regard. It's very rare I come across people who really know what the hell is going on in their own minds, or in the world around them. so much contradiction, it's seemingly impossible to even show them how backwards their thinking is. Could be a very long time until then. Hopefully we start picking up the pace sometime soon (mankind as a whole). I think all the virtues, deadly sins, cardinal rules, commandments, etc. are really interesting. Just denying their value full stop is IMO a little careless.

I'm probably a bit off track here, I kind of just decided to jump off and do a reply before going through the thread I'll probably regret that later lol. Hopefully i stayed somewhat on topic!