The first 5, to me at least, suggest that we not allow someone else define who or what god is. Whether it be in a form of a deity, life force, all, Jesus etc. When reading, "I am the lord thy god" Does that mean the reader decide, then. that he has just referred to himself the lord thy god? Who does this depict? It leaves it wide open to interpretation. The commandments, virtues, candinals etc. seem to be more of a guide as to what it would take to make man more than a mere virus and finally become a being that does not destroy it's host. But rather find himself in a prosperous, harmonious state which also manages to recruit part of that by means of creating harmony in all that surrounds us the kindgoms that we dominate (ultimately the entire world and perhaps the universe)

Another interesting one, thou shall not kill. This Commandment doesn't define only killing of another human being... It certainly seems to relate to gluttony as well as killing animals for food only which I agree with. The killing of more life than is necessary. If we were to manage a state of immortality, in theory, the goal would be to change the fact that life, in order to survive, feeds on life as a formula. If an ET or AI were to do a logical observation/analysis of man kind it could easily be found that we are better off dead than alive, certainly if that analyzer didn't consider us priority, but just another equal unit or quantity in reference to every other animal, insect, etc. If we maintain our current path as COS mentions, at times worse than all 4-legged animals as we are like human bulldozers (and to a FAR greater extent than any other animals, even crushing mother natures "acts of god" with our feats) but even when it comes to conflict within us, we must be the most hostile being to it's own kind, and would be perceived as only doing so for our own selfish interest without much, if at all, attention given to actually replenishing or making amends for our distruction (pollution, oil spills, ozone layer, radiation, rain forests etc). Besides, if we accidentally drive something into extinction, that we weren't fully aware of, contributed to some incredibly important fundamental in nature and/or existence of life as we know it, then harmony's security is fucked!

I certainly don't consider any religion to be without some merit. I am not a Christian by the way. Although, there is plenty to be learned by them (good or bad) as well as any religion/cult. Certainly the story of God and Lucifer had a profound affect on my life, and certainly for the better (symbolically speaking).

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