On The Importance of Rebellion

The 21 century and before has displayed, in many cultures, the aversion to rebellion, in all it's forms. Why? Is this this methodology natural? Acceptable? Why has the image of the rebel so littered our fictions, movies, and TV programming? In this article I plan to answer this and assert that lawful rebellion is not only kryptonite to conformist social policies but that it is a way for many intelligent humans to reclaim their individualism.

The earliest notions of our childhood that we remember of the rebel, was the Arch-nemesis of the Superheros. He was Lex Luthor, The Joker, Ming the Merciless, and so on. These symbols flooded our comics, radio programs, and later movies. Religions marketed greatly off the concept of the bad god vs. good god construct, and many LHP concepts seem to ineffectively follow in that same path by merely switching the symbols rather than reconstructing.
Why is rebellion depicted so viciously by social denizens? It would seem rash and conspiratorial to say: "You are not following the script! Rabble Rabble!" However, in some aspects this may just be the case.
All humans construct their own take on reality and as such they act on it, concreting it in their mind. There does exist social universals that cement certain expected beliefs that are useful 1. Don't Kill Innocent People and 2. Don't take what you have not rightfully earned. These are rational and axiomatic.
Others are not as useful and work toward vest interest by controllers who seem to monetize beliefs, actions, and general behavior. If most Christians accepted that the majority of their religious history could be put on Grand Trial, for copyright infringement, of the rest of the World's other cultural religions history the Church would go bankrupt overnight. If we washed out all the esoteric over-complication of Buddhist Dharma and told people that Buddhism seeks to strip the individual of Self Identity and make them a part of some unidentifiable blended whole, Temples would be a ghost town.
Same for social media, news media, and school systems who market off of peoples' wishful belief that everyone else has "their back" so to speak.
Religion and Social Media, which seem to be extensions of one another, have sunk tons of money into wiping out the fact of man's inhumanity to man. Whether to pass useless gun laws to lie and make citizens feel safe-while unregistered illegal weapons start to be sold along side unregistered illegal narcotics, or to convince people any media or controlling religious authority is not marketing off of their unquestioning submission. Where does the rebel fit into this?
The Rebel is the threat, a glitch in the matrix, if I am not being to clandestine. When everyone is making the hard trek from adolescence to adulthood there is an in between which occupy's a child's life. In this period they seem angry and frustrated with the world around them. Not realizing that they can make a new World for themselves, they are frustrated by the shock they have received from coming down from the magical world of childhood where The World was such a grand scheme.
This is a first phase of rebellion that is either disastrous or useful. Parents argue with their teens at this time due to the conflict of interest in social values and personal beliefs. Rebellion is at this point made to appear as 1. A Natural Phase 2. Childish Immaturity 3. Lack of Respect for Authority.
While nature and many other effective systems are hierarchical and respect is due to the ones who have achieved via merit, many aspects of socialism are not meritocratic. Rather they are egalitarian and suppress human achievement for the sake of fairness.
When I was coming into my teens I observed an interesting phenomenon that I did not notice until my adult years with the study of occultism and alternative philosophy. The social rage during that time was Harry Potter. When it started out this small children's fantasy novel was a mere joke to the literature world. As school systems started to add it to the reading list and games and clothes made it to racks and shelves of stores it became a full blown threat to Christian dogma and their assumed control over secular society. This piece of literature actually went in phases of Rebellion just like the Teen did.
Once the threat was actualized there were constant book burning rally's hosted by churches across America. Certain countries even band the film from being played in cinemas. Why? Did witchcraft fantasies really pose that much of a threat? What about the Wheel of Time series or LOTR? These books were not targeting certain audiences, Harry Potter did. Of course Harry Potter is just one of many examples.
Whether accidental or not, magic has always been channel locks to a fenced in society. Because, it empowers and gives people elements to create their own world. When the socialite becomes a radical individualist where is the trust, respect, and obedience? To the Self, the Individual. When the pious man gains knowledge he is certain to question the existence of the Maker.
This is why in societies all Magic is bad, hence the reason Satanists seem to laugh at the vain efforts of white witches trying to make their practice acceptable by social standards. They are trying to throw the car in reverse while speeding down the highway. Despite the explosive social knowledge of Magic and the Occult movies, like the New Hansel and Gretel film, still depict witches as diabolic murderers who eat children. The Magicians of this age are like that of Socrates, we are poisoning the minds of the youth of Athens. We have flown a banner of absolute Self-Dependence. Magic opens doors to worlds that many of the Social Grid wants to keep hidden. Why? It threatens vested interests in a complacent compulsive society. How? 1. Reductio Ad Absudum 2. Make them look like crackpots. 3. Official Threat to "Security" Like Socrates we are forces to drink the poison wine (Ex. Satanic Panic - which was linked to Insurance Companies).
It was Dr. LaVey that organized the real face of rebellion. It didn't shrink from the task at hand. It illuminated the Alien Elite and it was far from apologetic. This opened doors for, albeit copycats, groups to form their own methods of rational rebellion and radical independence. The very power of the symbol of Satan actualized.
This is why Satanism has succeed, the empowered individuals found the tools necessary to rebuild a religion that refused to lead by the hand, to be adverse to sheep that need constant instruction.
Why is it important to be Rebellious? Because it sustains your freedom and prevents you from being an appendage to the social grid. You lessen the chances of being harvested and sold to line the pockets of wallets most socialites deny exist. Even more Satanic is the essence that if we are not controlled by it, we identify it, and thus increase our opportunity to become The Controllers.

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