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The first 5, to me at least, suggest that we not allow someone else define who or what god is. Whether it be in a form of a deity, life force, all, Jesus etc. When reading, "I am the lord thy god" Does that mean the reader decide [sic], then. [sic] that he has just referred to himself the lord thy god? Who does this depict? It leaves it wide open to interpretation.

When you consider where the Ten Commandments come from, and read the whole story about Moses, it's quite clear who that commandment is supposed to be about. The widest you can "interpret" it in this context is as the deity of the three Abrahamic religions. To say that the first few commands are still "universal" seems like a terribly desperate game of word stretching.

The commandments, virtues, candinals [sic] etc. seem to be more of a guide as to what it would take to make man more than a mere virus and finally become a being that does not destroy it's [sic] host.

Or least that's what the Hebrews may have thought, if we're going to be pretty generous about it. But this list of 10 items still has no place in a government building.

Another interesting one, thou shall not kill. This Commandment doesn't define only killing of another human being...

Yes, it does. Otherwise you wouldn't see animal sacrifices show up later in the Torah.

It certainly seems to relate to gluttony as well

No, it doesn't. See above.

as killing animals for food only which I agree with.

No, it doesn't. Why are you desperately trying to stretch this commandment to match up with Satanic rule #10?

If we maintain our current path as COS mentions, at times worse than all 4-legged animals

Stop right there. Read the rest of Satanic statement #7, not just the first half. It's this whole self-delusional notion of "divine spiritual and intellectual development" (and there's a reason why the quotation marks are there) that's the problem, not the solution.

but even when it comes to conflict within us, we must be the most hostile being to it's [sic] own kind, and would be perceived as only doing so for our own selfish interest without much, if at all, attention given to actually replenishing or making amends for our distruction [sic] (pollution, oil spills, ozone layer, radiation, rain forests etc).

You're getting ALL of this from "Thou shalt not kill"? Really?

I certainly don't consider any religion to be without some merit. I am not a Christian by the way.

Do you at least consider yourself a Satanist?

Certainly the story of God and Lucifer had a profound affect on my life, and certainly for the better (symbolically speaking).

Which "story of God and Lucifer" are you talking about? Milton's "Paradise Lost"? There's absolutely no stories of "Lucifer" in the Bible. The name shows up once and only once in the entire Bible, as only as a weird misinterpretation of the Hebrew word "heyel" for "morning star" (Venus).

Yes I do consider myself a Satanist. I absolutely feel at home when reading the 9 satanic statements. I absolutely believe in total freedom when it comes to myself. I believe I have the right to be and feel exactly how i wish to feel and act as long as it is in accordance with not deliberately endangering or hurting innocent life in the process.

There are many different literal translations in religions (I could care less about the details, nor do I rely on them literally in any sense), i myself see them as something else. When i mention lucifer I mean it in a very basic manner. God made Lucifer, God made Lucifer Perfect. Lucifer waged war against God, Lucifer Lost, and rather than being Killed by God he was given the opportunity to live rather than die. The rest is open to why something like this would happen in a place referred to as Heaven. With all his might why did he not have the ability to create perfect harmony, and why did he not kill Lucifer rather than send him to tempt man to hell rather than leave his children (humans) innocent, leaving open the gates of heaven to each and every one of us. This is not identical to any written story. THis is a philosophical basis to unlock any moral answer to every question there ever was or is. Even if it is not the exact words or story told this one should free up any doubt as to what is or should be.

This all leads to the real question.. why does pain and agony exist. Ultimately, once stability is secured, then materialism can be conquered (and I mean this in a very high quality/efficient gratified sense), once that is conquered all resources dedicated to making man completely satisfied in every reguard before/after absolution.

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