Your text is a little difficult to read through, but for others reading here, the notion of rebellion is often misunderstood.

The Church of Satan itself has always advocated self-interest above self-sacrifice, and pragmatism over rebellion.

What that means is, rebellion for rebellion's sake is a rash and reactionary position, adolescent in nature, and ultimately just as much a conformist act as what it ostensibly criticizes.

A true rebellious stance is one that is critical, well thought-out, and cleverly pushes boundaries in ways that benefit the rebel. To criticize the “herd” for blindly going along with popular thought without acknowledging that the individual absolutely MUST conform in some ways in order to be successful is foolish, and immature. The CoS takes a Machiavellian position, not solely a rebellious one. The ideal is not non-conformism, but actually a critique of reactive, automatic conformism. The difference may appear subtle on the surface, yet extremely important.