I have a dog of my own, he is nervous by nature, I will say I love other animals rather than humans, I've had rabbits, guineapigs, birds, rats ect, I love goats, rabbits, gorrillas and dolphins, including elephants the most because of their intelligence and personalities, I believe we can only be who we are unless we are susseptable to being told what to do and what to think by others or what we see on T.V.

I see minds like ours in other kinds of animals, I see much potential in them rather than the human kind, I care deeply for anything hurt I see. I love cats too, I knew someone who had a few, they'd climb onto me to find a space on me to sleep and I'd be covered sometimes in them as she had quite a few. Love goats too they are pretty crazy things and very laid back when older. I don't see how people can make humans to be any different, we aren't, we are who we are, human animals, our ancestors are ape, we are not any different in some ways. Every animal has it's own nature, even humans, I do hope I make sence as it is pretty late here.