Yeah, of course... that's why I always try to avoid these kind of discussions and I agree that we're all slaves in any way, but at least we satanists are aware of it (a lot of people don't) and, some of these "slaveries" are unavoidable, aren't they? So there's two options: either you accept them as they are and try to cope with it, or you live a life full of anger and disillusion. That's not very self-indulgent, to be honest.
In any case, there's still a lot of people out there who have not opened their eyes and have not chosen for themselves, as they live a life in which other people are appointed to think for them. They live very happy in their fake, artificial world of beliefs but, hey! my hamster inside a metal cage is for sure also very happy living his easy life of eating, shitting and sleeping without knowing he's enslaved, right? At least, we Satanists have identified all options, chosen how to live and have understood that there is no higher god than ourselves, no higher goal to achieve than our self-indulgence... Punish self-indulgence and force an individual to deny it's own "divinity", if so, is to me the highest art of slavery.

All I hail, hail me back.