One major complaint about the Ten Commandments is the one that states "Thou shall not covet.... Thy neighbor's slaves or his wife." Meaning that people are property as well as women. "Thy neighbor" is spoken of the man of the houshold while his wife is listed as his property.

The other major problem I have with the ten commandments is that rebellious children are punishable by death. The same people who are against killing fetuses who are not yet able to support life on their own are for killing children, full grown human beings, who disagree with what their parents have to say? In that case, if I was a child of fundamentalist christians who went with everything the bible said, I would have already been murdered by them ... in my words, blasphemy!
The human race is asleep and it needs to awaken.

Learning is only remembering what you already know.

Argue your limitations, and they are yours.

Birth is not the beginning, Death is not the end.