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I was kidding about the naked. Ladies. I'd just like to hav naked ladies around my house, as far as the bibe is concerned I read it 5 times before I joined the forum, and have gathered all necessary materials, I have read the satanic with as well, and while empowering it is much different from the ritualized magic I am accustomed to. I come from a line of gypsies, heh. they do things a bit differently. I was just wondering if aesthetically needed to change, right now im working with a medium sized red table.

There are a few great essays in The Devil's Notebook, that relate to this very topic that I think you'd find very informative and worth reading.

In short, Satanic Magic (being concerned with the individual and not mass consumerism) is a self-serving tool, and as such, your individual taste will reflect in your ritual chamber. If you feel like something should be there, it probably should. If you feel something seems magical to you and it is not listed in the standard tools outlined in TSB, than incorporate it anyway! It's about what works for you.

My current altar contains four tikis among its items, and they're not mentioned anywhere in The Satanic Bible.

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