Hi! I'm an 18 year old female from Southern US who unfortunately resides in a very insecure, oblivious, spoon-fed area in which attempts to control any means of diversity. My journey which has led me to Satanism started when I was 14 years old after accepting an invitation attend a Baptist Church. As we were in the youth common area the youth minister was preaching of jealousy as one of the deadliest Christian sins. Something crossed my mind and (in respect, of course) I simply asked, "But isn't God a jealous God?" I could sense her trying to fumble for answers to my question. Later on after studying/exploring Christianity I came to the conclusion that Christians worship the God who "loves" his people only if the people conform to his standards that is portrayed of himself. I'd like to add that Christians do not "love" him they simply bow in fear from what they are told. Putting confidence in stories written by humans themselves saddens me that they lack any self-awareness. I enjoy studying religions, practices, philosophies, etc. I just wanted to explain ONE of the many valid reasons for which I have decided that Satanism is the way of living for myself.
Posessed by my own thinking.
Hail Sierra!