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I was kidding about the naked. Ladies.

You'd be surprised how many people ask that question seriously.

I'd just like to hav [sic] naked ladies around my house, as far as the bibe [sic] is concerned I read it 5 times before I joined the forum, and have gathered all necessary materials, I have read the satanic with [sic] as well,

So then what's the problem? The book is pretty straight-forward. There's really no need to make this more complicated.

I was just wondering if aesthetically needed to change, right now im working with a medium sized red table.

This is like saying "I have a shirt, shoes, and pants, but I need to know if I have to change what style shirt, shoes, and pants I have in my wardrobe". The aesthetics are all up to you, since only you yourself can decide that part for yourself. No two Satanic altars look the same, namely because tools of the same type are invariably going to look different from each other for different people. One Satanist may have a wooden chalice with a red Baphomet and a 10" Viking-looking dagger, while some other Satanist may have a silver chalice with a black Baphomet and a military sword, etc. The descriptions of the standard Satanic ritual tools are vague enough to get the ones that fit your aesthetics.

There's also no rule against having additional items on your altar. In my experience, it's rare to see an altar with just the exact tools and nothing else at all. Some people want things as simple as possible, others like more details. Again, it's up to the individual.
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