Yes, of course smile One who is himself God has every right and free will to dictate for himself. I was referring to one of the reasons that I did not chose Christianity (the most popular religion that I grew up with) for myself is because of a lot of the hypocrisy that comes with it; I won't deny my truest desires to bow for a hypocratic, mythical "spirit". Everyone has their own free will and if they choose that way then great for their conformation to a God who sets standards that he himself live by. I agree completely and do not antagonize any God for what rules or obligations he sets for himself and/or his followers if they wish to chose that. As for myself, I chose to be the individual flesh that I am and thrive by being a human who doesn't want to "attempt" in curbing my true self of a carnal animal. Maybe I should have explained my intentions on the post a bit better smile And Thank You for the welcome!!
Posessed by my own thinking.
Hail Sierra!