HELLo all,

I saw my dark reflection in Magus Lavey's Satanic Bible on October 30th 47(A.S.) I started reading at 11pm and finished just around 1am October 31st. Just as Magus Gilmore stated the book changed my life. I now have a name for myself and it is Satanist.
I have been using lesser magic to obtain my every desire from women to money to a successful career. It comes with ease and although I may not get what I want when I want it, I ALWAYS GET WHAT I WANT! I am sure with more knowledge and practice I will hone this skill. I have also employed greater magic to strengthen the relationship with the woman of my dreams as we are more in love now than ever. (By the way I used lesser magic on her during our courtship) We have been together for over a year and a half. I have also used ritual to cause chaos in the lives of my enemies. I prefer the witching hour to perform my ritualistic acts and i prefer solo due to 1. not having like minded people around 2. how can i be sure all their emotion is as strong as mine. I have a friend who wants to attend a ritual of mine just because I use my Goddess as my alter.
For thirty-five years I have been looking for the reason I felt different from my peers. I've explored several paths all never sitting right (or left) with my truth. I spent eighteen years of that time in a massive drug addiction. I have found my truth in the deep dark mirror created by Magus Anton Szander LaVey almost forty-eight years ago. My birth name is Jason Alexander Carvajal, although it was changed during my adoption. I can be addressed here as Apollyon9. I am Man, I am a God, I AM A SATANIST!!!
HAIL SATAN! January 8th 48(A.S.)

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