Hello everyone!

I feel fortunate to have stumbled across a forum such as this with many who share the same or similar views to myself. I discovered the Satanic bible a while ago, but only chose to really read it actively only recently. It would be accurate to say that I am fairly new to Satanism, but I do have quite a fair grip of the philosophy. Nevertheless, I would appreciate any insight or knowledge that other, more knowledgeable members might have in relation to the advancement of my journey down the Left Hand Path.

As for my personal interests, I love to write, read (especially Lovecraft's work), listen to a wide array of music from Delta Blues right up through Death Metal and I am also a musician myself. My instrument of choice is the guitar. Metal will always hold a special place in my heart. Not only is is raw and brutal and just plain fun to listen to, for myself some tracks can even be especially emotionally provoking, and that is what I love best about music: The ability to charge the very fibre of one's being with the sheer feeling of pure and uninhibited, explosive power.

Although Satanism is my main reasoning and motivation for joining this board, if anyone else out there is a musician or even just a fan of music feel free to contact me for a good old chin wag smile. I look forward to my time here with great aniticpation.

Ave Satanas,
Viper Slate.

Unlock and open the doors,
(Be the Healer or the Faker),
The Keys are in your hands,
(Realize you are your own sole creator),
Of your own Master Plan!
-- Dimmu Borgir "Gateways".