Suggestion. Satanism is a religion of radical individualism. As such, many if not most Satanists tend to recoil, even take offense, at the excessive use of plural pronouns in reference to an essentially non-existent "Satanic collective".

"Our", "ours", "us", "we", etc, all tend to seem to aggregate others (strangers you do not know) into whatever point you happen to be making, and in many cases, they do not wish anyone but themselves to speak on their behalf, about anything. Ever.

An obvious exception to this is when the High Priest or High Priestess speak or write: they do in fact have a mandate to speak on behalf of Satanists, collectively, on matters of Satanic philosophy and dogma, but even then, they know very very very well where to draw the line at making assumptions regarding the opinions and perspectives of individual members.

Likewise, members of the Priesthood have a certain (but lesser) leeway to use plural pronouns like "we", on occasion, when appropriate: as do the Moderators of this message board regarding its functioning.

Even so, you will notice (if you look) that even among the above, there is a strong dis-proclivity to try to speak for anyone other than themselves as an individual.

Satanists (as a group, hahaha) are the mostly vehemently opposed to group think of any religion that has ever existed, so there's a certain unintentional irony when a Satanist uses the word "we", instead of "I".

Above exceptions notwithstanding.