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Again welcome to a place of non-judgement.

I do not speak for others, nor do I speak for Satanism as an official representative, but to me, "judgement" is a central ideal to how I view Satanism, and life in general. Leaving "judgement up to God", or however those of herd mentality might put it, is intellectually deficient.

As human beings, we have the ability to discriminate between things we agree with and do not agree with, things we find enjoyable and things we do not enjoy, etcetera. The same goes for any view, opinion or belief. We are allowed to judge anyone, however we please, so long as we respect their right to express themselves freely (which, at least in a general sense, does not mean we cannot deride against their position/opinion/belief; however, the rules here and for Satanic interaction with other members of the Church, we are to remain "polite", so as to not appear to be raving mouth-breathers like those of the Herd when they react to a disagreeable opinion).

But I digress and distract from the point of this thread. Welcome Sierra. Hail Satan!