As many prisms are found in a kaleidescope ,is as many
outlooks there will be on the book, 'We Are Glass" by u.v.ray
The world isn't as nice as she seems to be but that is not saying there aren't nice things in it.
u.v.ray writes about people and situations they are in that is not the main stream of life. He writes of people who are out of time and out of rythm with the rest of the world.
Sorta going on the back path of life and seeing what we don't want to see or think about, or talk about. the things best left alone,left to ignore, because they are so ugly most folks can't face that part of life.
In the pages of, We are Glass, there are charactes we all have seen at one time or another, maybe even been like one of them at some point and time.
For these reasons this book is a true book of insight and reality of the world,a part of life that exists if you want to see it in reality.
I am glad I read We Are Glass. It is a master piece of literature, a classic for all time. "WE Are Glass",, by, u.v.ray Published by Murder Slim Press.

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"So entire is my faith in the power of words, that, at times, I have believed it possible to embody even the evanescence of fancies such as I have attempted to describe."
Edgar Allen Poe.