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I do wonder, why one would put so much money towards becoming a Satanist,

What are you talking about? I didn't "put money towards becoming a Satanist", just as I didn't put money towards having brown eyes.

If you're asking why some Satanists have additionally join the Church of Satan, it seems pretty obvious to me. I'm a Satanist, and the COS is the one organization that accurately reflects all the principles that go along with that. Why shouldn't I have joined? You should read the "Affiliation" page from the COS website:

is satanism not just for those who have thrown away christianity and still need something to live for?

No, Satanism is not "just for those who have thrown away christianity and still need something to live for". Have you read "The Satanic Bible"? What about the Church of Satan website?

I hope that you understand my need to question things.

Maybe. Do you? You don't exactly come off as sincere, but I digress.

I just ask, if there a good enough reason for an athiest [sic], a logical thinking individual to follow satanism?

I'm not sure what you mean by "follow" Satanism. You either realize that Satanism is an accurate reflection of your philosophy and sense of self, or that it isn't. It's a matter of accepting the right labels if they really apply, and then applying the principles in real life.

I look upon this board and see a sertain [sic] amount of intellect, which makes me very interested on these matters, i just want to be certain in the ways that you thinks [sic].

Then read The Satanic Bible.
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