Please allow me a brief introduction.

I've spent hours over the past few days reading essays on churchofsatan.com, and I'll be very surprised if the literature I'll receive tomorrow from amazon convinces me that I haven't found what I've been looking for. I've shared my thoughts on other forums, which have been poorly received. Nonetheless, I occasionally am driven to commit my thoughts to writing, and so here we are.

*begin anecdote*

I was not raised a christian, and my parents forced no religion on me. I, however, grew up in an area where 95% of the people are christians (church on every corner), so I was curious about it and attended church with a friend of mine. One of the orders of business was literally their budget. They had a list of income and expenditures and let the congregation know that they needed more money (they had projection televisions, expensive sound systems, etc.), and I was honestly surprised at how materialistic it all was.

Also, they had their prayers, and people would close their eyes and sway and hum, and I have never been more uncomfortable in my entire life. I tried to do it, but knew immediately that I would not, or could not feel whatever it was they were experiencing. However, I could tell they were not 'faking' it. To them, it is real.

I read the holy bible in its entirety while I was in high school, of my own volition. Last week, I saw a facebook post from a lifelong christian with whom I went to high school. She had finished reading the bible! She's getting close to thirty, and she had never even read the damned thing. Also, her christian friends were congratulating her. It's worth noting that she graduated valedictorian in our year. This suggests to me that even the most intelligent christians are content with being spoon-fed their religion, and most have never nor will ever read the bible.

*end anecdote*

If you haven't read the bible, let me summarize. It's about 1,000 pages long, it's incredibly dense, and it's mostly boring and repetitive. Either the author unintentionally created something that would dictate thousands of years of human advancement, or the consistent mention of people as flocks of sheep that require tending was a sign of incredible intelligence. If you see a herd of sheep, perhaps wandering blindly into the territory of wolves, would it not be best to shepherd them to safety?

I consider christianity and its imposition of values on unwilling individuals to be evil. Is christianity, though, a necessary evil? Has anyone got a model for how the herd of sheep would react to the loss of its shepherd? The sheep are many. We rely on them for our food, our clothing, our transportation, and our entertainment. They are content to remain in their pen, and few if any test the boundaries.

Has there not been progress these past centuries, past decades? The christian notions of slavery, absolute patriarchal authority, women as property, homosexuality as a crime, and countless others are either completely abolished or hanging by a thread waiting to be cut. I fully accept that there is more work to be done, but is it better to destroy christianity from without or change it from within? The sheep have not effected these changes, they have been influenced by powerful, motivated, influential individuals.

Upon internal reflection, it seems to me that openly stating the political agenda of church taxation precludes it being a true political position. Any true progress in this direction would lead to someone linking the movement to the Church of Satan, which would immediately and totally kill it unless christianity has already become impotent.

If not, please share with me your thoughts!

Thank you for your attention, and Hail Satan!