I personally, am not "against" Christians, especially those who take the definition literally and try to be christ like. Jesus was a communist hippie who drank wine and hung out with hookers. How the philosophies of such a man could be so thoroughly distorted, turned into propaganda, and used to infuse fear and hate into the heart of millions, I will never understand. This is of course, presuming Jesus existed. Which in all likelihood, he did. Except he was just some dude, whose cult actually made it.

The thing I am against is the ignorance which leads to hatred and violence, and ignorance exists in all factions of mankind, including our own. I feel very priveledged to have not been recruited, as my lifestyle is deeeply frowned upon in the Christian faith. Proverb 9:13 has always been my favorite, as I too read the bible (and pretty much every thological text I could get my hands on) at a young age. It describes me beautifully "A foolish woman is noisy, she is wanton and knows no shame" If that makes me a fool by some one else's set of principles, so be it.

I try not to judge, and only preach autonomy. Autonomy leads to self-actualization, which allows man to be free. If I waste my energy on hating, even the worst zealots, I am limiting my own freedom. Do what thou wilt. if that includes believing in god, well, that's your right, and your loss. If anything I pity those who are waiting for heaven while living in hell.